DROPDROP // FY23 Jorts

We spent all winter tending to our Jort Farm, and with the first warm rays of spring sunshine, things are starting to bloom!

Let's meet the jort class of 2023. We've got some fresh styles, some old favorites, and even a limited-release collab.

Lydia getting sendy in jorts

Slate: Our Freshest Jort Is an Instant Classic

This good ol' fashioned corn-fed blue denim wash is a must-have mainstay for everyone's jordrobe. Easy and breezy, like an early June afternoon.

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Smoke: The People's Choice

It was a goddamn feeding frenzy back in 2021 when Smoke jorts hit the shelves. We sold out of this uber-popular wash, and since then, you jort sharks have been circling our raft, demanding more. Well here you go. Smoke is BACK.

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Ladies getting ready to shred a pump track in jorts

Diesel: Fuel For Your Fire

Our black 'n badass jort is unchanged from 2022. Why mess with a good thing? This jort is ready to get dirty — changing the oil on your truck, shredding an alley cat race in the urban jungle, or being your ride-or-die for weekly trail rides.

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Deep Indigo: More Than Kinda Blue

Made with ultraviolet electric indigo, this fabric shimmers like a plump Merlot grape hanging from a late-summer vine when basted in oil and blood. The deepest, darkest indigo wash yet, it's a blank canvas for the rowdiest iconoclasts.

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Black Acid jorts

Black Acid: Denim Takes a Trip

It never felt so good to get faded. Our dark indigo denim got a special hit of acid to give it a vintage throwback feel that will have you questioning what's real and what's just a psychological construct.

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Mineral: Jorts That Make You Go Mmmmbop 

That ultra-light '90s denim wash never felt so good. Our ultra-soft Mineral jorts caress your quads like a soft summer breeze drifting through the T-top of daddy's Camaro as you drink an Orange Julius in the mall parking lot. Backstreet's back, alright!

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Cosmic Dirt: The Dark Art of Denim

And you thought the Diesel was the darkest jort we had. Nope. We collaborated with the necromancers behind Cosmic Dirt to create this devious jort with leopard print, a gold shank, and spooky Pacific Northwest vibes.

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... But wait, there's more! Check back for more drops as we roll them out this spring.