Shipping / exchanges

Ripton jorts break in substantially so if you get them out of the plastic and they are a bit snug and then you size up, they will likely be too loose. Believe in your jorts and understand that denim is a blank canvas to be mastered. Our size guide has helped people find the right size more effectively but you need to make sure you're measuring in the proper locations on your torso. We cover a lot of the pick, pack, and shipping costs so that you get to try our new innovative products at a competitive price. Remember that exchanging your jorts might sometimes need to happen but we should do our best to get the right size from the start. Also because we are a bootstrap organization, and by the time you return a product it's often out of season, our ability to function into the future is threatened by returns, so do so sparingly and consciously. You have 30-days to return any item and we subtract the shipping from your refund total. 

We've also worked on a care instruction document you should peruse. Our new offices are at 3048 Valmont Road, Boulder, CO, 80302.