We cover a portion of the shipping costs, to minimize this expense to the customer. We also provide a return label upon request within 30 days of the order shipment. We are a small rag-tag operation so we tend to ship orders every other day. They then arrive within the continental US in 2-3 business days depending on how far you are from Colorado. We are still dialing in our international shipping which we also split with the international customer. We charge less than the $30 dollars it usually costs us to ship abroad, depending on the country. There have been a few issues during Covid-19 with international shipping but 99% of orders have arrived easily and timely. 

As of 9.30.20 we are almost out of Men's 33's in both washes and getting really low on women's 27, so getting your order in sooner rather than later is the safest in terms of getting your proper size.