Ripton and co. uses futuristic bleeding edge performance denim technology to make a stretchy party in your pants.

A small group of jortbags set out on a mission...

To build the world’s most innovative performance denim, to set one small, but important record.

Denim Technology

We've worked with our mill to build fabric that is both soft and stretchy but holds its shape overmany uses and rugged abuse. The latest fabric is 80% denim, albiet in a thinner, more robust form. Our fabric shapes to your body, to your story over time. Denim that builds greater comfort as well as greater personality. Our fabric is designed to hold its form over time.

  • Stretch

    38% weft stretch denim

  • Quick Dry

    Smart fast drying fabric

  • Softness

    Superbly soft to the touch

  • Comfort