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Women's Cosmic Dirt Jorts

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Funky, incognito, hardcore ... The Cosmic Dirt Jorts were born in the dark forests of the Pacific Northwest. Equal parts shreddy Diesel and two-tone leopard print, these collab jorts bring the big cat energy with badass flair. Working closely with Cosmic Dirt founder Ashley Duffus, we dialed in the size range to make sure that any rider will be equipped to rip berms and chase the vampires up fog-cloaked climbs. 

Limited quantity available. NOW IN STOCK!!


  • Our widest size range yet
  • Custom size grading for the right fit on any body ... Jort nirvana
  • Leopard print, for when the hunted becomes the hunter
  • Enchanted gold button shank
  • 54% stretch
  • 9.5 oz. denim
  • 72.5% cotton, 3.5% elastane, 13% recycled cotton, 11% recycled polyester