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Men's Smoke Jorts

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Like Michael Jackson's "Thriller," our Smoke Jorts are the best-selling jorts of all time. We're still working on getting a McDonald's sign for the shop to count how many happy customers we've served. Trust us, it's a lot. Built from post-industrial cotton and polyester, this jort has a luxuriously smooth next-to-skin feel. The raw black denim, finished with a light smokey wash, means business. 

This jort will thrive in environments with: Mud, booters, chain lube, dust, cheap beer, mullets, skullets, rat tails, and generally radical vibes.


*Tim is pictured wearing a size 32 cut-off, size up for more relaxed fit. 


    • 54% stretch
    • 9.5 oz. denim
    • 72.5% cotton, 3.5% elastane, 13% recycled cotton, 11% recycled polyester
    • Designed for everyday life, riding with or without a liner
    • Wash-to-tighten, wear aggressively
    • 9.5 inch inseam