We got tired of wearing the uniforms. The dress codes intertwined with bike, ski, and outdoors culture were stifling. So, sometime in 2019, Ripton was born.

We offer a counterpoint to disposable, trend-driven performance apparel. Our creativity is fueled by classic workwear styles, innovative designs, and, of course, the legendary denim fabric, reimagined with stretch technology. Performance Denim has multiple international scientific consortiums befuddled and mystified by its etherial properties.

We just like wearing it.

If you've made it this far, you give a shit. You're not content to wear the same athleisure fast-fashion technical garment that everyone else at Starbucks wears.

Ripton makes garments for rebels. Wear our denim for a long time so it gets a rugged, greasy patina that rivals the gnarliest Hell's Angel's vest. Support small manufacturers that put thought and care into what they do. Feel like you're a part of something bigger, a movement away from power-meter data, endurance fuel vests, overpriced gravel races, and trailheads congested with Teslas.

Stay true. Remember your first day out on the trail. Channel that innocent enthusiasm and focus on what really matters every time you head into the wild.


A true jathlete must have the sensation of wearing nothin' at all. Ripton Performance Denim moves with your body, like a lover who's simpatico with your every need.


This is CAPITAL-P Performance Denim. Throw those jorts on a damn scale! See? They're light. Super-duper light. Light enough for Tenzing Norgay, had he the opportunity to wear Ripton.


You think the Fonz was walking around "Happy Days" in lycra or Gore-TEX? Denim, baby. Wear it a lot. Wash it a little (or never). Make it your own. Let your Ripton write the story of your adventurous existence on this blue planet.