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Women's Diesel Jorts

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Not sure if you’re a performance denim jortbag? Try a pair of black-black-black jorts for max grease resistant sendage. Built with featherweight performance-stretch denim, the Ripton Diesel Jorts are all you need. Its inky depths will hide all the blood and grease stains to boot. 

The Diesel jort playlist: Iron Maiden, Guns ‘n Roses, Black Sabbath, and maybe some Wu-Tang to change things up.


**Size up for a more relaxed fit. 


    • Blacker than the ink of a giant squid
    • Gusseted for smooth sailing below the equator
    • 54% stretch
    • 9.5 oz. denim
    • 72.5% cotton, 3.5% elastane, 13% recycled cotton, 11% recycled polyester
    • 5.5" inseam