Jort Care

Jorts attract rule-breakers. They thrive on dirty chaos. Jorts are built for unexpected dunks into local swimming holes or secluded Baja beaches. Their preferred habitat is far from civilization, let alone a laundromat. If you love your jorts, like we love our jorts, here are some tips for the care and feeding of your favorite denim. Just don't overthink it.

1. For optimal jorts, don’t wash them for the first five uses.

2. Our darker washes are superior at absorbing mud, blood, and grease.

Shredding a vintage MTB in jorts

3. To break in, perform a sendy-ish activity like bouldering, bikepacking, trail running, or bike-wrenching.

4. Wearing a belt keeps your jorts in the right spot.

5. Our razor-thin denim breaks-in half a size.

Skiing in jorts!!

6. For cycling, try commando … You might not go back.

7. If your jorts are too long, get scissors and make them jorter.

8. Wash & dry to tighten, but don’t wash very often.

Jorts make you awesomer

*New jorts are but a whisper of what they one day will become.