FAQ: How Ripton Jeans Fit

We would like you to fit in our jeans. Wait, no that came out wrong. We want to help you size your jeans so they fit perfectly. 

In case you're new around here, we just barely started producing floor-length jorts, a.k.a. jeans. We get it, jeans are a very personal thing. You've got your brand, style, and size that fit perfect. It can be stressful to change things up. 

We're here to answer any and all questions related to fit, that way you'll look snatched when you put on some Riptons, whether it's the first time or the 500th time.

Q: Do they fit true to size?

A: We've found that Ripton jeans fit true to size, similar to common Levi's jeans. There can be some variations, so it is good to measure. Also, some of the cool kids like to go up a size for the baggy look.

Q: How do I choose my size?

A: We have fit guides for men and women. Start by measuring your low hip, the widest part of your hip, around your money maker. This gives you the most accurate size recommendation.

Q: But what about my waist measurement?

A: Waist measurements can be helpful, but they aren't always relevant for jean fit. In the case of our women's jeans, the fit sits on the waist at or below the belly button, like mid/high rise jean. The men's jeans sit low on the waist. No matter where the jeans are meant to sit on your waist, measuring your low hip is the most consistent way to check your sizing for Ripton jeans.

Q: Why aren't there multiple inseam sizes?

A: Ripton took the average, optimized inseam for each size and designed it to be an ankle-length fit. Someday, when our Denim Empire reaches a colossal size, we'll be able to offer millions of inseam sizes! For now, we're small and this is our first run of jeans.

Q: Hiker vs. Classic or Performance vs. Classic — how does fit vary between the styles?

A: In general, sizing doesn't vary much between our styles of jeans. If you wear a 32 Classic, you likely wear a 32 Hiker or Performance too. The Classic jeans have more of a straight-leg stovepipe fit. Hiker and Performance are a bit baggier through the legs.

Q: How does the stretchy denim material affect fit?

A: Our jeans are all made with 32% stretch 12.8oz denim. That's pretty stretchy! They're made for j'action. So if you're between sizes, you could size down for a trim fit that is still comfortable. Or, as we mentioned, size up for that baggy swagger.

Q: Will they shrink when I wash them?

A: Not exactly. As is the case with all Ripton denim, it stretches a bit as you wear it, forming to your shapes and getting dang comfortable. When you wash it, the fabric usually "recovers" to the size and shape it was when new. 

Q: Are these mom/dad jeans?

A: That depends on your lifestyle and choices. We can assure you that these jeans are optimized for people at all stages of life, whether they have yet to procreate, are in the process of procreating, or have already procreated many, many times.