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The World's Best Performance Denim Action Sports Team

These are athletes who don't want to fit in. Their perspectives are a bit different, and that's why we put them on the Jortbag Factory Racing Team. This is a group that might race... or not. Each individual's approach is unique. But they all have a passion for self-expression. We're just here to provide the denim and share their stories.

  • Mason Bond

    Utah. Bond, Mason Bond. Hits big jumps. Eyewear professional. @macebond007

  • Steve Corona

    Los Angeles. World's most stylish skateboarder. Inner City Skate Shop Jefe. @steevecorona

  • Navi Guerra

    Utah. Denim-only sender. Knows how to make carbon into bikes. @navi.guerra

  • Kaia Jensen

    Bellingham. Freerider fatale. And she does science. @kaia.jensen

  • Jazlyn Smith

    Colorado now. Jackon Hole soon. MTB ripper. @jazzzsmth

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Jaz riding a mountain bike
Jazz Shredding MTB
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