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Men's Superlite Bundle

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Men's Superlite™ Jeans Diesel (Size):
Men's Superlite™ Jeans LSD (Size):

Built with technology rivaling that of modern AI systems, Superlite™ Jeans bring denim leg-coverings into a realm of performance that boggles the imagination. You'll find yourself oblivious to the presence of the ethereal 9-ounce stretch denim. But it's there. In the background the denim is learning, becoming more advanced, and it will soon attain self-awareness. 

Save $21 when you BUNDLE!

This bundle includes:
• One pair of men's Superlite Diesel Jeans
• One pair of men's Superlite LSD Jeans
• Access to Skynet's mainframe computer


  • A technological leap forward
  • in DENIM
  • Come with us,
  • If you want to live.
  • 🤖 🦾 🦿