Cosmic Dirt x Ripton: Ride the Darkness

Our quest to maximize jort performance knows no boundaries. We ventured deep into the slimy, dark mountains of Bellingham, Washington and found a muse to guide us.

Shredding in Cosmic Dirt Ripton jorts

Like a wisp of fog, Ashley Duffus appeared on these loamy, gnarly trails.

The result: Jorts with pure Ripton performance and the mysterious Pacific Northwest vibes that can only come from Ashley's brand, Cosmic Dirt.

"Everyone here fucking shreds, but nobody cares, nobody wears anything flashy. It's black, head-to-toe, all the time. Bellingham, is the most chill, hardcore scene ever." — Ashley  

Cosmic Dirt Ripton jorts details

Lucky for us, we didn't venture into the realm of badass trail-shredding vampires without an inside connection. Our apparel designer, Tory, happens to be a Bellingham local, and over the years, she and Ashley have worked together on each other's apparel projects. They're tight like lug nuts.

Cosmic Dirt is about more than just macabre tarot-card-dealing vibes and blasting steep loamers. Ashley's brand is on a mission to make clothing that fits riders of all sizes, empowering them to be mountain athletes, no matter what size they wear.

"I spent a lot of time trying to hide myself with my clothing. Then, I realized I could do whatever the fuck I wanted, so I started wearing leopard print to stand out, and now my hair is neon yellow." — Ashley

Ashley Duffus wearing the world's raddest jorts

Leopard print jorts? Tory was down to meld big cat vibes with the dark and mysterious PNW style, resulting in both contrast print pockets and half-front panel print that prowls.

Scientists did not believe it was possible to find such style in this species of jort. But we did it, and we even added a gold shank button for spunky flair. 

Trippy dark photo of Cosmic jorts

And don't think this is just cosmetic witchcraft that makes the Cosmic Dirt Jorts so special. Ashley spent months helping Tory refine the fit at the top of the extended size range. The pockets fit proportionally, the size grading works for everyone, no matter if they're in a 28, a 38, or anything else. Magic.

If you'd like to follow us into these dark woods, there's a limited inventory of Cosmic Dirt Jorts available for pre-order today. 

Photos: Paul Kalifatidi