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Women's Black Bike Pant

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Our groundbreaking Performance Denim bike pant is back in black with lighter, stretchier fabric and fresh features. This riding trouser features durable knees for warp-speed j'action, pairing an outer synthetic layer to an inner denim fabric. That double-layer construction offers exterior abrasion and moisture resistance plus interior smoothness, like a ferret's belly. The color is blacker than used motor oil. The denim is razor-thin. The fit is the same trim and articulated design that jortbags have been shralping all summer long.


  • 9.6 Ounce super-stretch denim
  • 60% Cotton, 25% recycled Repreve® polyester, 13% Tencel® nylon, 2% Lycra
  • 38% Stretch
  • Double-knee construction with synthetic outer layer
  • Synthetic waist band
  • Big denim energy
  • UCI-legal DH pant, for the rule-benders