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Men's Superlite™ Jeans Moss

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Our supernaturally stretchy Superlite™ Jeans now sport a fresh wash that's just as stunning as their technically advanced fabric.

Denim economists were floored when the initial release of Superlite™ Jeans took the world by storm. Many were banished to Prince Charles Island for failing to anticipate the trend. But we knew all along that Premier Class Jortbags needed jeans made from a feathery fabric with indefatigable stretch for their active lifestyles. 

Now, this 9.5-ounce denim jean is available in wash colors that arouse your senses and evoke some of Claude Monet's finest work. These ones are kinda blue.


  • 9.5-Ounce Denim
  • 54% Stretch
  • ...Holy Shit, That's Stretchy
  • 72.5% cotton, 3.5% elastane, 13% recycled cotton, 11% recycled polyester
  • Relaxed Fit
  • 31" Inseam Across Size Range
  • Moss color 🐢🐢🐢
  • Normal Jeans Pockets
  • Zippered Right Leg Pocket