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Men's DTJ™ Skate

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These are the baggiest Ripton jorts in the world. After logging onto America Online with our 56k modem, we IMed some Jortbags and heard their demands. They wanted Ripton's authentic Performance Denim jorts in a silhouette that is boxy and baggy.

Enter the DTJ™. If you're Down To Jort, we think that this Double Tunnel Junction will be the perfect jort for your Down Town Jaunts or Dirt Trail Jams or whatever. Made with 12.5-ounce denim, DTJ is a rugged take on Ripton's classic stretchy denim. 

For a baggy, oversized look, choose your normal size. Size down if you aren't feeling the Y2K fit. Wyatt (dirt jumper) is 5'9", 140 lbs, wearing size 31.

Keywords: Baggy baggy baggy baggy baggy baggy baggy baggy baggy baggy. Wide leg. Straight leg. Jorts.


  • 12.5-ounce stretch denim
  • 📼 Warped Tour-spec baggy cut
  • 9-inch inseam
  • 99% Cotton, 1% Spandex
  • Pockets, fore and aft
  • Velcro pocket for Pogs
  • Compatible with flip phones, car phones, and cord phones
  • 🫥🫥🫥🫥🫥🫥