Hyper-Stretch Performance Jeans

You can do anything in jeans. It's always been that way, since denim was first milled in the mid 18th Century. But over the years, that changed. Jeans became a fashion statement, or at worst, a mark of shame on the ski slopes or elsewhere that clownish plastic outfits had taken over.

Superlite™ Jeans are built on a modern fabric that stays true to denim's heritage while offering unbelievable performance for today's senders. They quickly became Ripton's most popular product, and for good reason.

We aren't gonna tell you all of our secrets, but here's what makes Superlite™ the jeans that really can do it all.

Jants that make Jorts Jealous

Ripton began with a maniacal focus on Performance Denim jorts. We conquered the galaxy with our cut-offs. And then, we took on jeans, a monolithic apparel category that needed Ripton technology to leap into the 21st Century.

  • Relaxed Fit

    Meant to drape off your waist so the pant legs gently caress your legs, Superlite™ starts with a straight-leg fit.

  • Super Mega Stretch

    Superlite™ fabric is an astonishing denim blend that offers 54% stretch—a level of flexibility that scientists believed to be impossible. Until now.

  • Impossibly Thin Denim

    Our 9.1-Ounce denim defies the laws of physics with its whisker-thin composition. Lighter, faster, stronger, bolder.