Design & Development


Company Description:

Ripton is building a best in class performance denim company, a denim brand like there’s never been before. By combining the style and spunk of modern performance denim fabrics, with the high-speed and rugged uses of the jortbag, we are designing a new entity from scratch and telling an audacious story. Our niche, our category at Ripton is playful, it’s high-speed, it’s no frills, and built for a simple, rugged, original lifestyle.

Job Description

We need an apparel designer & developer in Boulder, Colorado (or willing to relocate) to give shape to our 3-year old denim brand. Ripton is growing and changing rapidly and is a highly creative, collaborative work environment. Perfect for a design / development professional who feels constricted and boxed in with their current opportunities and has boundless creativity and energy to breathe into a new business with fresh ideas and timely execution. The product team will utilize contractor support and change evolve quickly.


• We are looking for a Ripton Apparel Designer & Developer with experience in denim and outdoor who will collaborate with suppliers, the leadership team, and the other product team members throughout the entire development process including sourcing and manufacturing. 

• Adhere to development timelines including individually assigned duties necessary for timely delivery of protos, samples, SMS, and production.

• Manage product specific data in Backbone PLM.

•Understand the target Jortbag customer and ensure that your work and the quality produced agrees with global target customer, pricing strategy, and total business strategy.

•Foster trusting relationships with vendors to achieve better pricing and quality of services and to stay up to date about new manufacturing and construction techniques.

•Help conduct market research to identify new trends and fabrics.

•Design and draw production sketches for development and create all product lifecycle materials.

  • Have a foundational impact on the product future of Ripton’s performance denim, product line, color / wash concepts, trims and technical details.
  • Work with leadership and brand to develop merchandising stories
  • Create and present story, mood, color boards, and samples to sales teams and key accounts as needed
  • Modify designs during the development phases to realize the best design possible
  • Create and maintain tech packs (BOM, technical sketches, construction references, measurement charts)
  • Select and develop collection-specific trims, product workmanships and constructions in collaboration with the suppliers
  • Develop best-in class and continuously improve workmanship, garment construction and trims and advise Design and CM accordingly during the development phase taking function and purpose of each garment into consideration


Pattern and Fit:

Work with fittings including measuring and commenting for all samples

Evaluate product for style and fit and support collection changes as needed to achieve desired fit results

Keep measurement charts updated to insure the best fit for each garment

Knits and Fabric:

Coordinate with knit producers to design technical knits with exciting patterns and textures using yarn mixes that have a technical story

Assist in the selection and development of fabrics including lab dip process and approval



Salary Range: $54,400-$68,900 per year, plus our meaningful employee equity plan.


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