Ripton & Co.

                Ripton & Co. is a scrappy, rebellious, outdoor brand, launched in 2019, from the former ski hotel (the Skier Chalet) on the slopes of Aspen, Colorado. A small group of friends, skiers, and mountain bikers got together to create a different kind of company, and build the world’s most advanced technical sports jorts, to set one small, but important record.
               Aspen, often known for it’s upscale visitors and status-driven culture, provides few options for meaningful year-round work. Like all vacation economies, the volatility makes living a balanced lifestyle a tall order. Hence, we at Ripton & Co. are promoting a simple lifestyle with community driven values that feels long overdue. And can hopefully serve as another touchpoint for mountain towns to work together to build resilient businesses. The global pandemic has reiterated the importance of non-seasonal, non-tourism based employment options, as a large majority of workers were laid off overnight in the Roaring Fork Valley. We believe that although tourism will always play a role in these regions, we can create real value from within, and create products, brands, and communities that are self-sustaining. 
In our first full-year of operation, we are taking the first leap, and getting a great product (we perfected over 3 years) out to the people; riding bikes, camping, and living the brand through shared experiences with our growing community. Our sizes are selling out incredibly quickly so we encourage you to preorder (when available) and nab a pair in your size when they're in stock. Denim is a complex process and it takes us a frustratingly long time to order another batch of jorts.




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You can contact us at elliot@riptonco.com