Thud Thud Thud

We’ve heard rumors that deep in the lands of the north an alliance is emerging. Dusty, uncouth, sun battered, gap-toothed and freakish, with a distrust for the whiz bang world of the new and shiny. A rising dissatisfaction with the petro-based monolithic empire of plastic widgets, plastic clothing, and the redundancy of old world thinking. Perplexed by the webs of holding companies holding holding companies, the alliance is barely noticed as a shadow and a whisper murmuring for a grittier, more organic, more denim future. Thud, thud, thud, today the jitizen occupies the murky fringes sometimes appearing like a mirage, an inner voice that only the boldest have had the tenacity to follow, the more the tide shifts, the more courage they have in the face of sameness, the more hope we have for a different future. A world that gets better with age, where personality emerges from struggle, from adventure. Where the past holds many answers for the future and where classic shapes are reimagined in modern forms.