Denim Technology



“We shall not cease from exploration

And at the end of all our exploring

Will be to arrive where we started

And know the place for the first time.”

-T.S. Elliot


Technology, is a sticky word. Ripton & Co. sits at the intersection of the outdoor and bike industries, a landmine technical buzz words, innovation stories, sometimes at the sacrifice of culture, style, and values. We feel like we need to stand our ground somewhere in the middle, apart from the technology trumps all paradigm. That might seem logical for a technical jort brand. 


But denim technology isn’t black and white and the only reason we founded Ripton & Co. and developed a “high tech” or thin stretchy jort is because lots of new and improved technologies have allowed us to marry a culturally potent shape (the cut off denim short) with luxuriously comfortable stretch-woven denim. Resulting in an experience bike shops have dubbed the most comfortable short they’ve ever worn. 


Because we are small and using a fast turn-around mill in Los Angeles, we can experiment and integrate new fabrics before almost anyone. You will no doubt be rocking denim technology that major brands are only beginning to consider in their product landscape. We are selecting fabric technology to balance classic style with the highest performance possible. We’ve grown up within a world obsessed with technology and we no doubt ride bikes, ski, run, test our jorts, as robustly as most major brands test their samples.

Since technology isn’t our flagship story, we don’t tote it up front as our key pillar of quality. The way Apple shifted priorities from the power of computers towards usability, emotional impact, and feel, we think a similar holistic shift needs to be made in our active wear and apparel in general. Creating a system of values for our products based on our values as humans, aesthetics, and performance combined.


As the Ripton movement develops and evolves we will continue to talk about technology that get’s us excited and it will likely be different technology than what Gore-Tex brands are talking about. We aren’t going to try to build a better puffy than Patagonia or windbreaker than Arteryx, they do those things very well. We’re here to build great products for pretty much every day of your life, right up until the torrential rainstorm or your Everest attempt. 


We do want the Ripton & Co. label and name to evoke grassroots innovation from your friends, pushing outdoor apparel in a playful, aesthetic and stylish direction. Designed for the nostalgist, the non-conformist, people who want, who need to be outside when they aren’t working, or when they are, and who find their community, friends, and sense of belonging through these activities, sports, lifestyles, adventures, ways of moving through the world. Exploring the still point between artistic play, art, culture, and self-expression, high achievers, integrating creative mobility solutions to their everyday lives. This is our voice and the impact we’d like to have. 


First 100 Update:


-Have you ordered one of the first 100 pairs of Ripton & Co. technical jorts (The Rippers V1) and are wondering where they are? Your order financed our first batch of technical denim, which was delivered to our cut, sew, and wash facility in Los Angeles. This was the most pivotal step in our life as a company and we’re working with the factory to get them ready as soon as possible. 


-If you’ve made your way onto this email list and haven’t pre-purchased a pair please add your name to the Google Sheet (link below). We have 200 extra pairs that we can pre-allocate to people that want to guarantee they get the right size this time around. If you miss version 1 launch batch we’re working on a reorder for next summer in a larger quantity. You can also purchase via our Shopify website. 


You can add your order in here and then reach out directly to make your payment:



Lastly, I added some friends and family to this list who've helped spawn the Ripton dream. If you'd like to be removed, no problem, no offense taken.