Shipping Update (7/15)

OK! After a long hold from our Los Angeles factory due to a closure and reorganization of the workspace, our Version 2 jorts are finally shipping. Oh baby and they’re looking superb! We have units coming to us tomorrow (7/15) through this Friday. They will go out as early as this Friday and as late as end of next week. We will send you tracking information as they are physically leaving our jortpire HQ, and then will be with our jortholders within two business days, shipping Priority USPS.

 We expect certain sizes to sell out immediately, so if you have friends who want jorts encourage them to place an order either now, or as soon as they go live on the site. We want to have all of the product here and received before we mark it as live on the website. Also if you want to exchange your jorts for a different size, doing this in the first few weeks will help ensure that we still have the size you’re wanting to swap for. We’re really stoked to have all of you as customers as part of the Ripton & Co. journey. Please send us any content of opening, trying on, first adventures, you’re inspired to share. Remember that denim takes a few days to wear in. If they are a little snug when you first try them on, they will likely be perfect in a few weeks. There’s also some preference range in terms of style / fit. If your jorts are feeling a little loose, throw them in the wash and they will shrink roughly 4% in size, and then loosen again with wear. Having 5 pairs of jorts personally, the ones I’ve had the longest (2-3 years) have by far the most character, and the nicest feel.

We realize this has been a strange summer, and are beyond stoked to start shipping the world’s most premium sports jorts. We are a barebones, grassroots, movement founded via a group of friends who wanted to bring a fresh product and new voice to the outdoor / activewear world, and have big aspirations for the future!