Ripton's NEW Jeans: Like Jorts, but Long

Is this de-evolution? Ripton began with Jorts. Jorts began by chopping the legs off of jeans to let our gams breathe. And now, Ripton is making jeans? 

We are making jeans. The world wears jeans. We wear jeans. If you ask us, everyone needs a pair (or two or five) of stretchy, comfortable lightweight jeans for everything from turbo action to backyard relaxin'. 

Our denim scientists have been furiously working around the clock to produce the greatest performance denim long jorts humanity has ever seen. Now, Ripton is pleased to unveil its first line of jeans.

Ripton Jeans

Two styles are available for each gender: Classic and Performance for men, and Classic and Hiker for women. Each style has both light and dark wash options.

Across the board, we loaded up our jeans with great features like lightweight mesh pockets, zippered storage, and more. They're all made with 12.8oz, 32% stretch Cone denim that feels oh-so good against the skin. 

Classic jeans offer a timeless straight-legged silhouette with a zippered phone pocket and a reinforced Framis patch on the seat that we like to call the "Hot Pocket."

Performance and Hiker jeans are more technical styles. The men's Performance Jeans have articulated double knee fabric for maximum jaction. Women's Performance Hiker jeans have knee darts for unrestricted movement. Both have sizable zippered cargo pockets.

Based on how much our customers love their overalls and bike pants for cooler days, on the bike or anyplace else, we are pretty sure our jeans will be a go-to item in every jortbag's wardrobe.

And yeah, if you want to cut them off into jorts, go for it.