Ripton Summer Pop-Up Pops Off

Something special popped up in Downtown Boulder for the summertime! Ripton has opened what some are calling the world's smallest denim shop at 939 Pearl Street.

We kicked off the pop-up's three-month run with a DJ set by the legendary Taylor Phinney. Listen to the full night of music on YouTube.

Every Wednesday at 5:30pm, we're riding from the shop with all the local jortbags. It's called SloBo, and it's the Slowest Ride in Boulder. We promise. Take a chill lap around town's secret trails and back alleys and return to the pop-up to hang. 

Stay tuned for more events this summer as we launch new products and throw more parties.

Records and jorts

Phinney DJ

Phinney Jorts

Ripton Pop-Up

Phinney DJ

Ladies dancing

Ladies partying

Elliot and helmet

Photography and videography by: Alexa Hamad and Adam Busfield