MegaMay! Extravaganza! Bonanza! Sweepstakes!

Jortlandia is finally blossoming after a long winter of bootpacking, big-mountain skiing, and sporadic snowball fights. Sure we like the white stuff as much as anyone else, but goddamn does it feel nice to bask in the warmth of long, sunny May days. 

You know what, it's time to party. It's time to gear up for summer. It's time to HOOK. YOU. UP. We teamed up with a bunch of our friends at some of the coolest brands to produce:


You know how they'll just toss tons of prizes into the crowd at big bike events? Well that's what we aim to do here, using the magic of the World Wide Web. We're gonna spray products into our virtual crowd, and all you need to do is enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win something cool. Do it! You've got nothing to lose.

Here's the line-up of brands and prizes:

Hunt Wheels - $850 toward the wheels of your choice
Rovr - A RollR 45 cooler + BikR accessory
Skratch Labs - 3 winners! $100 of nutrition products per person
Dynaplug - Flat fixers to save your day
Mission Workshop - A Rhake backpack
The Coffee Ride - $50 of fresh-roasted beans
Orange Seal - 3 winners! $160 of sealant & merch per person
Ripton & Co. - A Canadian tuxedo