Matt & Mike

Mike Murfitt and Matt Cordova are longtime friends and riding buds. Matt is a fixture of the BMX scene, Mike is the one of the pioneering figures behind Traction Coffee Roasters

Matt is a member of the Fast and Loose crew known for putting the speed into bmx riding. Pulling big tricks on dirt jumps and flowing through pools and skate parks with blistering speed, he has cemented himself as a force in the bike world. We love how clean and simple the cut-offs and t-shirt vibes of these guys are. No technical / plastic clothing in sight, pure casual streetwear, but sending as big and as hard as anyone out there. A good reminder to be yourself and not take yourself too seriously. 

Mike Murfitt is a galvanizing force in the local community, connecting riders, entrepreneurs, swapping stories on his podcast and is just all around positive and easy to be around. The pursuit of a passion for coffee and bikes led to the founding of Traction Coffee Roasters. Making damn good coffee with an eye for aesthetics and a deep connection to the bike scene, Traction has become a staple among riders everywhere. 

Matt is rocking a pair of Diesel Overalls in Men's Small