Letter to the Jortholders 2024



Ripton art

           Not only are you likely a holder of jorts, you are also one of our most important investors. We’ve hit one of these moments as a small, growing business where inventory can’t quite keep up with demand. For those of you who have preordered Superlite™ Jeans, our guess is that they’re nine days away (but we’ve been wrong before). Your enthusiasm for Superlite™ Jeans has been unprecedented. If you’ve already gotten a pair and are wearing them around, please leave a review on the product page, they are fun to read and help other jortbags choose the correct size.

          Culturally, Performance Denim continues to build momentum. The current hegemony of synthetic thinking is deeply entrenched but showing cracks. Riding bikes in street wear, denim, or workwear is exploding in freeride. Our new Jortbag Factory Racing team is taking shape, and we can't wait to share more about that soon. We’ve also seen a huge interest in skiing in jeans, challenging the status-quo, from small ski areas to the X-Games. There’s also a misconception that you need to be an absolute PRO to ironically rip in jeans; this is not true. Everything is more fun in denim, even if you’re a beginner. This is our way to elevate creativity, individuality, and self-expression.           

          On the cusp of mud season let’s talk about overalls. Over the past few years, we’ve had some elastic that didn’t hold up or started to fray. Instead of throwing this inventory away, we had a friend sew new elastic straps and materially upgrading the overalls. In a season where we’re just about completely sold out of Ripton overalls, these Custom Overalls are fun to offer.

          As a small brand, we don’t really go after wholesale accounts strategically, but when quality retailers approach us, sometimes the stars align. We’re excited to open up Pine Needle Dry Goods in Durango, Colorado. If you happen work in specialty retail or you think there’d be a good shop for Ripton in your backyard, let us know. We like to give jortbags an opportunity to feel and touch the Performance Denim revolution in person. If you see a shop listed as a Ripton retailer, it’s best to call ahead and make sure they’re active and have restocked, many shops have not. 

          We have, we think, successfully given away our 1986 Honda Accord. Thanks for all your photos and jortbag fervor. Even though it's impossible to ship the vehicle to Malaysia, for example, we appreciate the commitment. 

          The apparel business isn’t easy, but we expect 2024 to be an exciting, creative, adventurous time, and we look forward to seeing you out there!

- Elliot
Chief Jortbag Officer