Joliday 2022

August 18th is the 2022 Joliday, a Ripton supported jorts holiday. This year we’re giving away a brand new moped and a bunch of Ripton gear. To enter either make a purchase or tag Ripton_Co & #joliday anytime during August 18th, in fact you get an entry for a purchase and a social tag. Last time we sent someone to Mexico for a bike trip, we only got a few entries so your chance to win was insane. This year’s Joliday prize is worth over $3,000 bucks. The theme for the Joliday is, “it was a good day, in denim”. You wake up on the 2022 Joliday in denim and everything starts to go your way. You find a leftover burrito under the driver seat of your car on your way to work, everyone’s super stoked and nice to you, your boss tells you to take the day off to go mountain bike, aint no barking from the dog, you know what we mean. The weirder performance denim content the better.