Jeans In the Wild

Ripton Jeans entered the Performance Denim J'Universe about two months ago. Since then, the world has never been the same. Here's how some of our favorite Jortbags have been using the World's Longest Jorts in their daily adventures.

In a barn in jeans

Getting ready for some ropin' and ridin' on a Wyoming ranch. Photo: Alexandra Rapadas Munger

Sarah Sturm lookin cool

 Gravel influencer Sarah Sturm rocks the Ripton Classic Jeans. Photo: Ri Ganey

Jiking club

Colorado University's Jiking Club prefers denim for their dreamy wilderness outings. Photo: Elliot Wilkinson-Ray

Tandeming in jeans

Whether tandem bicycling, reading the daily news, or doing both at once, Performance Denim is the clear choice. Photo: Tyler Wilkinson-Ray