Jean jackets in general just look so fucking cool, but are also so damn stiff. Almost all jean jackets are still 100% cotton and have zero flex. I have a few Levi's and I love the way I look in them, but I always end up taking them off because they don't move with you, if you live an active lifestyle and or just like being comfortable. The HIKO™ PERFORMANCE JACKET pushes the jean jacket into the future, making it buttery soft and comfortable to wear. The deeper we get into the denim world we realize how massive the players are and how margin and price-point driven they are. This gives Ripton insane amounts of latitude to try a little harder and unlock massive value for the customer, for our jitizen. 

           The performance denim vision is starting to take shape. What started with a simple stretchy jort has now changed our minds and our souls to their core. Our reality has been terraformed to a new north star. 

                    Rear entry pockets elevate the functionality and allow for max covert stashage. Including one bucket pocket and one secure zipper pocket make the HIKO™ PERFORMANCE JACKET the perfect jacket for chilly rides or evening town cruises. The pockets fit everything from a pair of gloves to your beverage of choice. 

The Hiko is made with a 12.5 ounce resilient hybrid stretch denim that is designed to move with you, with 23% stretch and wind blocking properties this jacket can stand up to whatever you throw at it. 

Metal button hardware and sturdy construction add durability and style to the extremely comfortable daily driver of a jacket. The Hiko pairs well with mid-winter coffee runs, nachos on the mountain and post surf tailgate sitting.