Hiko Black. Badass.

                     You don't know how to check your oil. You're not sure if you can get into that sold-out show. That dude at the gas station is looking at you funny. But fuck it, you're wearing the Hiko™ Black Jacket.

Brendan lookin sexy in Hiko black

When we launched the indigo Hiko, its supple, stretchy, buttery-soft fabric was life-changing. Normal jean jackets are usually too stiff. Stiff is lame. 

Two cool ladies wearing black denim

The Hiko™ became an instant classic. So right away, we wanted to make it better. Our international team of performance denim scientists went to work on the 23% hyper-stretch fabric and made it as black as possible. How much more black could this be? None more.

Workin on a car in Hiko Black

Extensive research has shown that wearing black is an instant personality booster. Would Batman be the same if he wore blue?

Hell no.

And the jortbags of the world will tell you that black goes with everything, especially grease stains, spilled beer, mud splatters, and blood.

Hiko Collage

You've got tons of pockets for contraband, too. Zipper hand pockets in the front are good for keys to the moped. We like to use the two chest pockets for sunglasses or a screwdriver. On the back, there's a big 'ol pocket to fit a 40oz and one more little zipper pocket.

Hiko Black up close

Quantities are limited. That's why we launched Hiko Black early to our email list.

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