Girls Gotta Eat Dirt


Sit back, relax, and watch Avra Saslow, Clare Hamilton and Delilah Cupp lead you through the finest dirt Silverton, Colorado has to offer. From exposed rocky ridge lines to loam tunnels deep in the woods to old mining roads, these girls will show you how to have a good time just about anywhere your bike can take you.

Our first feature film is about to drop at 6:00 am Mountain Standard Time on Tuesday April, 6th. We spent a silly amount of time and effort on this piece huffing RED cameras around the high-country of Silverton to make a really different, light-hearted movie in the spirit of Ripton & Co. 

A special thanks to Avra Saslow and family for hosting us during the course of filming. To Juliana Bicycles for support before, during, and after. To the filmmakers Wiley Kaupas and Tyler Wilkinson-Ray. The editors Pete Vogt and Nate Steinbauer and stills by Jack Plantz. The sickest tunes by Broncho and Skegss. And most importantly the vision and relentless hard work by our riders Avra, Delilah, and Clare. 

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 (photos Jack Plantz)


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