Fresh Overalls: Rust & White Acid

Wednesday, August 30. It's a full moon. It's a Super Moon. It's a Blue Moon.

It's the day we launch two new overall styles: Rust and White Acid.

No, autumn hasn't begun yet, but this momentous occasion might as well kick off the fresh season.

Like Ripton's popular Diesel Overalls, these fresh styles are made with bi-component fabric that features Sorbtek®, a recycled material that keeps you warm, dry, happy, and fabulous. You shred; it stretches. The articulated knees are ideal for pedaling or pounding moguls. 

When we were out shooting these new looks, photographer Andrew Bydlon whipped out his film camera for a few shots. Here they are.

Overalls pocket

Overalls back
Overalls bros

Overalls RustOveralls White Acid

Overalls back to back

Overalls Cliff