Drop a Knee, Lick a Tree

Jeff Colt is endlessly energetic, professional runner, great writer, amazing skier, never afraid to be bold, and a driving force in the renewed energy in the cork boot liner company ZipFit. We also knew that Jeff is a dope telemark skier, and when thinking about what makes stretchy denim winter overalls special, tele skiing is the most lunge-y, flexy, bendy winter sport.

So we got out for a few laps of dynamic action. Jeff even wore knee pads under his performance denim Winteralls which added a nice effect. Is telemark skiing coming back around like these kids dressed in Biodome era outfits, stashing pogs in their cargo shorts? We aren’t sure, but we are sure that the Winteralls are bringing a lot of performance to the slopes.

The remaining few boxes of these that haven’t sold, are on a truck somewhere in Iowa and will be landing at Ripton HQ next week, Monday at the earliest, Friday (the 21st, we hope) at the latest. We know some folks have waited awhile for these and we’re really appreciative of everyone’s patience. It’s not a great business model to make tiny batches of really expensive and intricate products, but you gotta start somewhere right?


Link to the Winteralls here.


Hard to imagine it will ever be jorts season again this time of year.