Diesel Overalls

The Ripton Diesel Overalls are built from a bi-component Sorbtek® black performance denim, with a soft next-to-skin interior. We've updated an array of fit details and fine-tuned the charcoal black denim wash that has just the right amount of funk.

Nick absolutely pins his BMX bike with the explosive power of a football player, perhaps because he is one. We've enjoyed watching him ride over the last month. He's wearing the size medium Diesel Overalls (he's 5'10" and 185) and they fit like a glove. 

 Overalls connect us back to our roots of honest hard work digging holes and pounding nails. Performance denim inherently has it's roots in work wear, and no garment tells this story better than overalls. Building and refining overalls over the last two years we find that ample stretch, an articulated leg, deep pockets, and high quality buckles and features, makes for a refreshing, more flattering, more high performance user experience. 

Kari the queen of Thank Gravel it's Friday and a Specialized employee, is pictured here ripping around Nederland in the Women's Smalls

Pictured here Luke is in the Men's Medium and Jenna is in a Men's Small. She's in a Women's Medium on the Women's Product page. Luke is 6'2" and Jenna is 5'9". That's not an SAT question. 

Being a small business it's hard to produce things as cheaply as larger brands and on as thin of a margin. That's why we're particularly proud of our deflationary prices as we establish ourselves and focus on price point for our young and often cash strapped customers.

This iteration of overall offers the most customer value along with the most advanced technology to-date. We hope you break them in your way and encourage you to let your hair down and, grow out your mullet, and be the freak you were always meant to be. 


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