Bike Pant Goes Black

Bright, sunny, hot. Our home state of Colorado knows how to do summer. Sometimes, as fall unfolds, we just feel like some dark, moody photos though. And a product like the Black Bike Pant kind of begs to be shot in Northern California's redwood forests.

We connected with photographer Satchel Cronk as soon as samples landed for this new denim bike pant. He did some killer work shooting the Indigo Bike Pant earlier this year. Round two was just as good.

We sent one of our summer Minions, Hadrian Lackner, out to shred it up alongside Satchel's partner, Leah Lind-White.

Built with lighter, 9.6-ounce, 37.6% stretch black denim, these bike pants fuse Ripton's signature fabric with strategically placed synthetic material on the waist and knees.

As demonstrated in these images, Black Bike Pant is the clear winner for dark autumn shredding through bigfoot-infested forests.