2021 Ripton Joliday

Alright people the second Ripton Joliday is June 23rd

                   We’ve arranged a denim bacchanal, a veritable denim digital disco, for all sorts of strange and mundane sharing of #jontent. For our second Joliday we have put together randomly selected and ‘best of’ prizes, but like doing the wave at a ball game, we want, we need the inter webs to run blue with denim #jontent tomorrow. Tag us and we’ll share any and all it no matter how elevated, smutty, or lame it is. Doesn’t need to be in Ripton product, get creative, cut some jeans really jort and make it rain #jontent. 

               We are working steadily to update and reimagine classic shapes like jorts and overalls into modern forms, with cutting edge fabrics, features, and aesthetics. In reimagining iconic workwear like denim for our sendy outdoor lifestyles we take a step off the beaten path of iteration, mimeses, and redundancy. By questioning how things are done around us, we are freed to experiment, to create, to forge our own destiny. At Ripton we constantly challenge the human tendency towards conformity in both the things we wear and the things we build, imagine, and create. Each of your support, encouragement, and patience in these infantile months of Ripton is our lifeblood, and we take our pledge very seriously to be awesome, different, and innovative, far into the future. Thanks again for being part of this journey and tomorrow, this joliday. If you’ve read this far, you likely think outside-the-box, question the status quo, and we likely wouldn’t be here without you. 

-tag Ripton & Co. in your stories, reels, hard posts for a chance to win fresh never before seen Ripton denim. 

-Be creative, unique, bold! 

-Encourage your piano teacher, niece, bus driver, to checkout Ripton and try some V4 jorts. 


Happy Jolidays,

 -Ripton & Co.