General Manager / Chief of Staff

Job Title: GM / Chief of Staff                 Location: Boulder, CO


About Us:

                     Ripton & Co. is a scrappy, rebellious brand launched in 2019 from a former ski hotel in western Colorado, with a vision of being the world’s first jort brand. We make performance denim for the people, from fabric that is soft and stretchy, but holds its shape over time. Life is jort, we choose to dance through it, and we’ve got the jeans for every adventure along the way. 


Job Overview:

                      We’re seeking an individual who is aligned with our values, and who can “level-up” Ripton’s ability to execute on our shared vision. As General Manager, you will view Ripton through the lens of an Operator and help us evolve from a tiny, explosive team to a more mature and structured organization.. 

Who you are:

  • You excel at organization, communication, and prioritization in a way that drives results from people and processes
  • You generate team unity, solutions, focus, and follow-through
  • You’re flexible and adaptable. You strive to build a process driven “well-oiled machine” where the “trains always run on time,” but you’re comfortable living in the real world where things are imperfect and often messy – especially at a scrappy ecommerce startup like Ripton
  • You have a steady, upbeat energy and you harness the power of consistency to reach goals, and help the team around you do the same

What you’ll be working on:

  1. Strategy
    • Act as a trusted advisor and sounding board to the CEO, helping to vet and refine ideas.
    • Translate visionary concepts into actionable roadmaps and strategies.
    • Your roadmaps will include plans for key hires and building out essential functions.
    • Give careful consideration to how teams are structured, where we might need new or redeployed resources / talent.
  2. Management and Team Building
    • In the first 12 months, onboard 2-3 new hires; serve as a hiring funnel for future employees.
    • Oversee and manage staff across existing functions: Product, Operations, and Marketing. You’ll accomplish this in part via 1-on-1s to a combined in person, remote, and contract team of 6-8 people.
    • Serve as a people manager and task master. Team members should tactically understand the role they play and what's “on their plate.” This includes knowing when to be more hands-on vs -off as a manager, when to challenge someone, and when to lean-in with extra support.
    • Foster a collaborative and high-performing team environment. This includes holding people accountable and providing specific critical feedback when necessary.
    • Serve as the connective tissue within the organization. Product, Operations, and Marketing need to be in sync to achieve growth and profitability goals.
    • Implement processes to enhance efficiency and communication across functions.
  3. Performance & Innovation 
    • Keep an eye on Ripton’s  P&L to ensure our groth is responsible and durable.
    • Monitor performance against select KPIs / OKRs that you define. Examples of areas that you might measure: product timelines, supply chain.
    • Bring a fresh and innovative perspective to the company, contributing ideas for new processes, functions, and improvements across the business
    • Identify opportunities for growth and development

What you’ll get from us:

  • Salary commensurate with the work you do and the value you bring to Ripton
  • Tax-free stipend for health insurance (we’re a small team now, but this will change as we grow)
  • Investment. We’re scouting for talent with lots of potential. We’re committed to helping you realize your potential, e.g., sponsoring you to attend courses like this one.
  • A chance to significantly influence and shape the future of Ripton, as well as your role within the company: if you aspire to be a COO, or even a CEO, or maybe you’re not sure where your passion will lead you – this role is uniquely suited to your professional journey of discovery and skills hardening


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 5+ years of professional experience, preferably in operations and strategy-heavy roles
  • Strong organizational and project management skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Proven ability to lead and manage cross-functional teams
  • Initiative and ability to work independently
  • Creative thinker with a track record of implementing innovative solutions
  • Experience at early-stage companies is a plus
  • Familiarity with the ecommerce industry is a plus

                      If reading this job description got you excited about the impact you could have at Ripton, we want to hear from you. Send an email to with “GM / CoS” in the subject line. Attach a copy of your resume, and our team will review and get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to meeting you!

Ripton & Co. is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.